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NAWSC is now administering the Cross-Connection Control Program for multiple water authorities throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Ohio and Maryland with additional systems joining our cross-connection control and backflow prevention administration services each month.

As a resource to help customers locate backflow technicians in their area, NAWSC maintains a listing of all ASSE-Certified backflow testers at NAWSC.NET under the ASSE-Certified Backflow Testers tab. Also, in states that certify testers from other certification agencies, NAWSC includes these testers on its website as well if such lists are available from the state. Customers calling our office and seeking backflow technicians are directed to consult this listing.

All Certified Testers have their names and certification information listed for free on this website in their county of their registration. If you also wish to have your business name, phone number, and email address listed, please complete the registration form, mail it in with payment or submit the completed form via email to or fax to 570-655-8634.

The registration fee for the first county is $250 annually. If you would like to register to be listed in additional counties, the fee is $25 per additional county. Your information will be updated within 10 days after payment of the applicable fee.

Cross-Connection Control administration is an essential element of providing clean and safe drinking water. We look forward to continuing to work with ASSE-certified backflow testers to ensure that the water supply is properly protected from backflow incidents.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact NAWSC at 844-605-5213 between 8am and 4:30pm, Monday through Friday.