Clean Water Protection System – American Test Submission

Welcome to the Clean Water Protection System

An exciting new submission portal for backflow tests!


American Test Submission

The Clean Water Protection System Portal can be found at


New Users – How to Get a Test Submission Password and Login

  • This portal is designed for certified backflow testers to submit American test results
  • Send an email to CCC@NAWSC.NET including a copy of your ASSE Certification Card and your most recent Test Gauge Calibration Certificate
  • If your information is in order and up to date, we will provide you with a login and password for the Clean Water Protection System Portal!


Test Submission Procedure

  • Perform the backflow test in accordance with ASSE Standards
  • Go to the “TEST ENTRY” Tab on the left of the screen. If you do not see this tab, then enlarge your browser window or click on the three lines in the upper left of your screen
  • Select the Company you are performing this test under. If no option appears, please contact us at CCC@NAWSC.NET or 844-605-5213 to add one to the system
  • Enter the hazard id to identify the device, and press “SUBMIT”. If you cannot pull up the device in our system, please contact us at CCC@NAWSC.NET or 844-605-5213 for assistance
  • Review the site information. If you see any fields in need of changes, you can make these changes here. Once the information is correct, press “SUBMIT”
  • Enter the backflow test results and press “SAVE TEST DATA”
  • Go to the “REVIEW UNSUBMITTED TESTS” tab on the left of your screen. Click on the blue text on the right reading “PAY NOW”
  • Enter payment information on the payment submission screen and hit “SUBMIT”
  • Your test has now been successfully submitted!