Ordinance/Policy Development

If you do not already have an effective cross-connection control (CCC) ordinance, policy or program, we can work with you to develop one that works best for your system. This is the first step towards proper cross-connection control enforcement.


Survey to Identify Cross-Connections

One of the first steps in enforcing a program is to determine where real or potential hazardous cross-connections exist. We will identify who should have proper backflow prevention devices installed and begin to notify them of the need (and importance) of compliance with the law.


Compliance Notification Mailings

We have an established mailing process that is designed to handle all cross-connection control compliance mailings up to shut-off posting for non-compliance. We will work with you to create the most appropriate compliance notices for your system. Once the designs are set, you can leave the printing, mailing, and postage up to us.


Public Education

Cross-Connection control is important but very few people understand why. We provide education material for water consumers on the dangers of inadequate cross-connection control and the importance of becoming compliant with cross-connection control laws.

Tracking Compliance Results

Using cross-connection control specific software, we keep track of your water system’s compliance program year after year. This allows us to provide you with the most up-to-date and thorough compliance information for your water system down to the individual customer level.


Tracking Technician Licensing & Test Equipment Calibration

NAWSC will keep track of who is installing and testing backflow devices in your system. We make sure both testers and their equipment are up-to-date with the latest cross-connection control standards.